• “Nowena has been the most important
    and most influential leadership training
    I have ever participated in.”
    - Anu Koskimäki, Managing director, M.A.S.I company (Finland)

  • “Coaching has been an important part of development for me.
    I recommend Nonna
    for anyone considering leadership coaching.”
    — Heikki Rinne, CEO, Halton Group Ltd (USA )

  • “We give Nonna Babitzin our best recommendations.
    The results are remarkable
    and we have received so many useful tools. ”
    - Anja Pajor, CEO, Dubberman (Denmark)

  • “Our leadership is now consistent, directional and daily.
    I can sincerely recommend Nonna to all kinds of coaching
    related to leadership.”
    - Ann Wahlroos-Jaakkola, Managing Director, Picnic Yhtiöt Oy (Finland)

  • “NOWENA has been a crucial step,
    beginning to a process, with a target of being my own self in every situation.
    Only this way I can unleash my full potential.”
    - Mika Vihervuori, CEO, Anvia Plc (Finland)

  • “The effects on our thinking and daily leadership
    was evident surprisingly fast
    and the whole organization got totally new power from this change.”
    - Mikko Leino, Head of Supply Chain Management, Suunto Oy (Finland)

  • “I exceeded my targets with coaching and
    definitely recommend Nonna to experienced leaders,
    who have the will to renew and clarify own thinking.”
    — Jyri Pohja, Managing Director, Ibas Kroll Ontrack Oy (Finland)

  • “I warmly recommend Nonna to You – leader, who wants to
    take the crucial step ahead
    in self-development and on your career.”
    — Jari Partanen, Secretary General, Centre Party, Parliament of Finland (Finland)

  • “Nonna was able to challenge me.
    As a result of coaching,
    my leadership style changes tremendously for better.”
    — Petri Kukkonen, Vice President, Biofuels, UPM-Kymmene (Finland)

  • “Nonna challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone.
    I got a lot of depth and new dimensions to my thinking.
    I can warmly recommend Nonna.”
    — Mikä Kivimäki, Senior Vice President, OP-Pohjola Group

  • “NOWENA creates the leaders of the future,
    that are able to lift the organizational leadership quality into a whole new level
    and achieve goals in a whole new magnitude.”
    — Pasi Salonen, Director, Head of Continuous Services, Tieto (Finland)

  • “The value from this coaching has been great compared to the investment.
    Nonna is very insightfult and professional coach,
    she has deep knowledge on leadership.”
    — Heli Laumola, Development manager, Biofuels, UPM-Kymmene (Finland)

  • “Being the most abstract topic to study, during my NOWENA journey,
    leadership has turned into the most practical changes
    in my personal life and in my work as a leader.”
    — Matti Vesala, Vice President, Tieto (Finland)

  • “NOWENA helped me, in a little over a year
    to internalize knowledge and skills,
    that would have required approximately ten years to learn on the job.”
    — Katarina Engblom, Vice President, Avanade (Finland)

  • “As a result of coaching, my ability to be more proactive
    and trusted business partner has increased enormously.
    I recommend Nonna as a coach.”
    — Mikko Mäki-Tuuri, Director, HR, UPM-Kymmene Oyj (Finland)

  • “NOWENA influences inevitably not only yourself,
    but the people around you, both at work and in your private life.
    My leadership index increased 30%.”
    — Mikko Lampinen, Head of Public Custom Solutions, Tieto (Finland)

  • “I can warmly recommend Nonna,
    for anyone in a challenging leadership position and wanting to expand
    his/hers thinking pattern and finding new perspectives.”
    — Vesa Rantala, Country manager, Tieto (India)

Adare supports successful and virtuous leadership growth
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Adare’s services are focused on thinking, character and leadership growth. Adare coaching has a long-lasting and deep effect in thoughts, emotions and behavior. Results are visible in sustainable improvements in action and leadership culture.

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  • Strong business understanding and experience as a leader
  • Strong experience and references in several business areas
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