DOWIA™ for change agents

DOWIA™ is a group coaching on leading success. This group coaching is ideal for change agents, projectmanagers, first line managers and consultants, who want to take exceptional actions and create exceptional results.

Leading success requires

  • Effective observation skills
  • Anticipation skills on environment changes
  • Viewpoint and perspective change skills
  • Clear interactionstyle
  • Ability to create a operational environment, where people are motivated
  • Skill to use clean action language

  • Finnish speaking small group coaching DOWIA™ supports leading success. Group coaching can as well be tailored as company internal training. DOWIA™ is lead by change leadership forerunner Mikko Babitzin.

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    DOWIA™ enables exeptional actions and results.

    DOWIA™ takes place in metropolitan area/southern Finland.

    A dare to be MAHTAWA!™

    DOWIA™-group coaching has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    If you do not experience your growth being nourished
    already during the first day, you get your money back 100%.