Adare values and history

A dare to be MAHTAWA!™

Our purpose is to dare, encourage, challenge and support leaders in their personal growth towards responsible, sustainable and virtuous leadership, that creates business results. The growth journey to leadership is travelled through personal growth, that is supported with ethical and high quality coaching.

Our strategy is to focus on the senior executives and support our clients in building the coaching culture capability.

Our aim is to be the first choice for executives wanting to step up. We want to co-creating a future lead by virtuous leaders with high integrity, authenticity and ethics.

We dare leaders to live the leadership, that results in business success!

Values of Adare

  • Virtuous leadership – exceptional standard
  • Personal commitment
  • Impact – Results

The values of Adare are lived and all Adare services have 100% satisfaction guarantee. Adare coaching has a long-lasting and deep effect in thoughts, emotions and behaviour, results are visible in sustainable improvements in action.


2009 Nonna started a one woman rebellion against mediocre leadership. Adare was born from her personal passion for leadership and leadership development. The first leadership coaching group started their journey in 2010 (now NOWENA®). Nonna decided to change the leadership culture one manager at a time and believed the critical mass will be achieved. Participants impressive feedback, their stories about business improvements and career development steps after our coaching, and also the pure joy in enabling success, speeded up the development of the company.

Reasons behind the creation, growth and the name

1)  Rebellion and defiance to dare the leaders for outstanding leadership, to find their own voice and exceed themselves. Desire to nourish growth and challenge leaders for personal growth. The joy experienced of the success stories of clients and the effects on business results.

2)  Visible business results in clients organisations
- business and profitability growth
- experienced motivation and productivity increase by the leader
- experienced significant increase in the leadership quality
- employee and customer satisfaction increase

3) The encouraging feedback from clients and their experiences of empowerment, awareness and finding their influential leadership charisma.

The word DARE in the dictionary

English: to challenge, venture, encourage
to give, to hand, donate, inspire
to give, donate
give, share, donate
Swedish (word Dåre):
crazy, fool, idiot

So a DARE was a brilliant name!

Also the service slogan were born:

A dare to be MAHTAWA!™

All services have 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not satisfied, you get your money back.