Customer testimonials

Executive coaching customers

“I have found the coaching process surprisingly positive both professionally and personally. Nonna Babitzin has been my coach during the past months. She is insightful, intelligent and professional. She has been able to help me see underlying issues I have been dealing with, and has provided open and confidential coaching help for me. Nonna’s coaching approach is persistent, and yet sensitive. This has worked well for me. This process has helped me to prioritize both professional and personal issues, and has helped me to dig deeper into my priorities. In addition, the coaching process has given some structure and accountability to my work. Overall, the coaching has been an important part of development for me during a period of transition in my life. I think the coaching process is particularly useful for anyone facing period of significant transitions professionally or personally. I recommend both the coaching process and Nonna for anyone considering leadership coaching.”
— Heikki Rinne, CEO, Halton Group Ltd, (USA)

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NOWENA® participants

“NOWENA has been a crucial step, beginning to a process, with a target of being my own self in every situation. Only this way I can unleash my full potential. NOWENA helps me to live the rest of my life happier and to produce more joy to my loved ones. I also got a lot of information and skills to my leadership.”
— Mika Vihervuori, CEO, Anvia Plc (Finland)

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Groupcoachings processes

“Leadership team was built, structures had been finalized and ways of working agreed. Still something was missing. That something was common, deeper vision of leaders role and exceptional leadership and the power it has in releasing energy in the whole organization. Nonna guided our leadership to a new level and clarified our vision of leadership in a warm and determined way. The effects on our thinking and daily leadership was evident surprisingly fast and the whole organization got totally new power from this change. Without any hesitation, I can recommend Nonna’s coaching to everyone wanting to live though exceptional leadership.”
— Mikko Leino, Head of Supply Chain Management, Suunto Oy (Finland)

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Speaker audiences

“Nonna is no doubt one of the best, if not the best, leader, coach, speaker and performer. She has amazing skills in all areas. I also really love the way she take examples of her own life and other areas and that way makes things even more understandable. You can really see, that she loves what she is doing. Nonna is truly just amazing!”

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