Mikko Babitzin

Leader, team- and performance coach and coach for first line managers and operative leaders


I have lead challenging change programs over 13 years in international business and am NOWENA® graduate. I have also worked as a line manager, business consultant and been responsible for project management competence development in a big international IT-company. I also have over 20 years experience as alpine ski coach and over 15 years experience as trainers trainer.

I have trained company teams over several years and on the sports side, in addition to coaching, leactured about alpine ski coaching, motivation and learning in world wide interski conference over several years in Norway, Switzerland, South-Korea and Austria. I share my knowledge, experience and passion in building teams by coaching.

Team coaching is my passion

Learning is not always painless, when coaching consultants, first line managers, operative leaders and teams, we aim for outstanding results, and we do need to work for it. I am both experienced change leader and business coach (Certified Business Coach®), licensed NLP trainer (Licensed Assosiate Trainer of NLP™), LEAN/Agile coach and professional trainer. I am especially skilled as team- and group facilitator and inspiring deep conversation.

My special skills include continuous improvement (lean-method, Agile, ITIL), systems thinking, leading customer experience, modeling tacit knowledge of excellence, clarifying values, building teams, creating a common vision, discovering new viewpoints and reveling the potential of the team. Let’s explore and familiarize with our differences, that fulfill the teams skills and let us find the similarities, that enable success.

Direction and movement are important to me. During the coaching, participants will find their own direction and team creates movement to the desired direction. I coach both in Finnish and English.

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