Nonna Babitzin

Senior Executive Coach and NOWENA® trainer


I support experienced executives to build their character, find the factor that makes them an exceptional leader, create sustainable change and live the leadership that results in business success.

I have successfully built and lead several international organizations for the past decade. Successful business requires exceptional leadership. Having a long experience in leading international business, leading change and building organizations as well as coaching experienced leaders from various business areas has created several success strategies to my toolkit. I coach leaders, instead of consulting companies.

I dare experienced leaders to build their character and live the leadership, that results in business success

Adare coaching has a long-lasting and deep effect in thoughts, emotions and behavior. Results are visible in sustainable improvements in action. Personal commitment and ethical coaching is important part of the way I do coaching. When clients make their business targets come true with virtuous and genuine leadership, I feel I have succeeded in my work. Hard results are created by exceptional leadership.

My special skills include the deep understanding and experience in leadership topic, success strategies, bringing out the personality of the leader and strong presence. I am energetic and inspiring coach, but my task is not to be nice, but to support my clients to live the leadership, that enables the organization to create even better results. I play full out and believe strongly in the potential of my clients.

My Finnish and English are extremely coherent. I have coached leaders in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, France and India. Several leaders from Great Britain, Uruguay, Poland and USA have also attended my coachings. Especially the expatriates are close to my heart.

All Adare services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

With Adare’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, I want to bring the values to actions.

I am proud, that every leader has been satisfied in the service received

I am a ICF Professional Certified Coach PCC, College of Executive coaching ACPEC (The Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach), a approved member of the board (AMB®) and a licensed NLP master (Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™) and I utilize my wide ranged competence in my work as a coach.

A dare to be MAHTAWA!™

All services have 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not satisfied, you get your money back.