Guest speaker

Do you need a inspirational speaker on leadership topic? Or does your leadership team need reinforcement of trust or new insight on building a leadership culture? Or does your organisation need a wake up call on the impact and importance of leadership?

Is it time for your leadership team to again pause to discuss leadership and how to step up? Or would it be beneficial for the executives, leaders, project managers and other daily leadership responsible’s of your company, to stop to reflect on the skills needed to lead themselves and others, together?

Adare coaches have been described as charismatic, energetic and inspirational speakers, that spread the energy to the audience. We challenge the audience to reflect and also share our experiences, knowledge and put our personality fully into nourishing the leadership growth of the participants. We have held several leadership team trainings and engaging leadership events for executives and operational leaders in several companies around the world.

If you are interested in a guest speaker in Finnish or English speaking leadership team or event, just give us a call.

Leadership event provokes new perspective and gives the participants a inspirational moment to reflect their own development. Participation opens discussion about great leadership and the impact of leadership on business development, customer experience, personnel innovativeness and productivity as well as the whole company’s success. Often the event also awakens thoughts around own wellbeing and values.

Events have been conducted successfully also virtually, but we strongly recommend a face to face event.

Dare to lead!

All Adare events have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If the participants are not satisfied, money is returned 100%.