Executive coaching

Stop. Exceptional thinking will create exceptional results.

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Executive coaching

Individual coaching provides executives with a space to reflect on and deepen all areas of their thinking. It’s a journey of self-discovery and powerful insights.

Exceptional leadership is about more than producing results and being a high performer. It’s about your character, setting standards and doing the right thing. It’s about vision, courage and integrity. Influential leadership is based on how you think and who you are.

With a professional, confidential and impartial coach, dedicated to your growth, you can explore your thinking and character or what you want to achieve, do or be, in full partnership with the coach. Coaching is a skilled dialogue with creative interventions and collaborative learning.

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Personal executive coaching supports you to reach both your targets and a better leadership and quality of life.

Coaching language is Finnish or English. Coaching sessions are carried out at customer premises or as virtual sessions.

With executive coaching, you can increase

  • Awareness in own decision making
  • Awareness in own success strategies
  • Clarity in targets, goals and vision
  • Quality of leadership
  • Tools to create better results
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Productivity
  • Belief in own ability and success
  • Contentment and satisfaction of work
  • Who you are

Examples of common coaching topics:

  • Wanting to step up as a leader
  • Preparing for new responsibilities
  • Clarifying the meaning and purpose
  • Assuring success after brilliant results
  • Optimizing board work
  • Leading challenging business
  • Finalizing decisions
  • Clarifying a new career plan
  • Leadership challenges and action planning
  • Building a new organisation or leadership team
  • Developing personal leadership
  • Leading change
  • Time management and organizing work
  • Own strength and endurance, better workload management
  • Finding work-life balance
  • Personal growth and development planning
  • Facing period of significant transitions professionally or personally

Live the leadership, that results in business success!

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“Nonna acted as my coach. She helped me with impacting and influencing skills with good results. I`ve got added value to my work from this coaching. As a result my ability to be more proactive and trusted business partner has increased a lot. I recommend Nonna for coaching.”

— Mikko Mäki-Tuuri, Director, HR, UPM-Kymmene (Finland)

“Nonna asked the right questions and pushed me to change my behavior – I think I’m more top of my life now!”

— Jouni Toijala, Director, Head of Nokia Europe, Middle East and Africa 3rd Party Developer Organization, Nokia UK ltd. (United Kingdom)

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Nonna Babitzin
Senior Executive Coach
+358 40 071 1529

Professional Certified Coach