NOWENA® references

“NOWENA has been a crucial step, beginning to a process, with a target of being my own self in every situation. Only this way I can unleash my full potential. NOWENA helps me to live the rest of my life happier and to produce more joy to my loved ones. I also got a lot of information and skills to my leadership.”

— Mika Vihervuori, CEO, Anvia Plc (Finland)

“Nowena brought me a huge expansion of perspective on professional leadership and implementation of new methods. My life management improved in its entirety and my self-knowledge and -awareness grew tremendously. I recommend Nowena for leaders who have a genuine desire to go on a big growth journey, courage to expose themselves to themselves and others. This is not a “-ism course”, there is no fast and easy road. Nowena is a holistic leadership, self- and life management growth journey. My advice for a Nowena beginner is: Dare to start this big journey without holding yourself back. The more open and honest you are, the more you gain. Cheer and encourage your group. Jump in and enjoy!”

— Maarit Waskilampi-Kuikka, CIO, Espoon kaupunki (Finland)

“I had years of experience as a leader, had gone through long training programs and numerous seminars and yet something was missing. There was plenty of knowledge and experience but still missing the final step in how to turn that into action. This was the starting point of my Nowena journey, that still continues now after our program has ended. The difference to previous is certainty – I know how to develop further and have clarity on my leadership philosophy. Nowena helped me to find my own voice in leadership and in life. I can now listen to my inner and decise how to conver earlier unused knowledge into behavior of a leader. What more could you ask for from a development program? I warmly recommend Nowena for leaders who feel they have “seen it all, experienced it all” – Nowena is a deep peek to your self that opens totally new perspectives. I am proud to say I am the voice, I am a Nowena® Leader.”

— Marketta Koivusalo, Head of Sales Process development, ABB Oy (Finland)

“Nowena ment deepening the theme of leadership to a level I did not know existed. The extent and depth of the topics made the journey exceptional. I recommend Nowena for leaders, who genuinely want leadership to become their mission in life. If you are starting your Nowena journey, play full or not at all, and seize the opportunity to reflect with another Nowena traveller between the modules.”

— Mikko Leino, Vice President, Vaasan Oy (Finland)

“For me, Nowena was about growing as a human being, increased awareness, journey through the whole scale of leadership and reinforcing the path forward in my life. I warmly recommend Nowena to every leader, who wants to develop as a person and as a leader. Nowena is unique due to its content, the scale of emotions it creates with an exceptional personal impact. When starting the Nowena journey, jump in with curiosity, with an open mind and without any prejudices. Be prepared to challenge your previous beliefs and ‘knowledge’.”

— Carl Slätis, Toimitusjohtaja, Tilakeskus-liikelaitos, Espoon kaupunki (Finland)

“Nowena has been the most important and most influential leadership training I have ever participated in. It forced me to really reflect on my self as a human. During my Nowena journey I was also confronted with my weaknesses as a leader, which enabled me to step up to the next level. Common leadership trainings, which I have attended several, do not provide much new. Nowena gave me more than all the previous leadership trainings combined. The quality of thinking of leadership is just exceptional in Nowena. We focused a lot in how we confront each other, that bases on our self knowledge and understanding the underlying thoughts and beliefs behind our actions. I recommend Nowena for experienced leaders, who have already attended all kinds of leadership training a long the years and who feel, that there is not much new to get. I believe it is necessary to have a long experience as a leader, to take this incredible journey!”

— Anu Koskimäki, Toimitusjohtaja, M.A.S.I company Oy (Finland)

“The journey to the core of me has brought perspective and clarity into who I am and what I am like as a leader. I have challenged long standing way of working, found new leadership energy and identity. During the year long journey with exceptional people in the same leadership phase has given the coaching substance and created live long friendships. I recommend Nowena to experienced leaders, who are ready to challenge their leadership and rise to the next level.”

— Jani Jääskeläinen, Senior Director, Avanade (Finland)

“Nowena opened a door the another dimension of leadership. The kind of leadership, that is based on genuine understanding of the person themselves and what influences us. Nonna has a exceptional ability and passion to get people to build awareness and insight from their own baseline. I recommend to a leader who is ready to meet themself and wants to make your own and your companies dreams come true.”

— Hannu Rahnasto, Vice President, Fazer Food services Oy (Finland)

“The year revealed several thinking patterns in my mind, that I was not aware of. These thinking patterns were preventing me from growing as a leader. Nowena does not let the participant off easy, the development is sometimes painful. The spirit in Nowena-team is exceptional, I have never experience anything like it. I recommend Nowena to a experienced leader, who has passion to grow to a new level. Tips for Nowena beginner: Leave your ego at home and just let go – it won’t kill you. Be honest, above all, to yourself. Arranging the time is sometimes difficult, always still prioritize Nowena-days.”

— Paula Stelander, HR director, Eniram (Finland)

“Nowena journey meant change. I went looking for meaning, what do I want, what does that require? Am I brave enough? The journey lead to great changes in my career. Would I have done them without Nowena, perhaps or not. The main thing is that it happened. Nowena brought permanent and visible change in me and in my life. Exceptional about the journey was shared contribution and openness. I recommend Nowena to the kind of leader, who want to be better. Not a fancier “tittle” but person and life.”

— Sakari Viitanen, Toimitusjohtaja, Fleet Innovation (Finland)

“Nowena has been a amazing jouney to myself, whre I am now and where I want to be in the future, how do I keep growing as a leader. Nowena has provided a amazing group of people. Together we have reflected on life and learned from each others experiences how we can raise the level of leadership to meaningful. Nowena is not a traditional learning environment, learning happens through reflection, implementing leadership in practice and playing full out every second. The members of the team are exceptional persons and leaders. The seminar trip to London was a “once in a lifetime experience.” I recommend Nowena to leaders in demanding positions, who have the will and interest to develop further and release their full potential.”

— Jaana Suvanto, Vice President, ABB Oy (Finland)

“Nowena meant inner growth, journey to myself and finding my own strengths and leadership identity. Nowena was a year long magnificent journey to the heart of leadership with congenial group of people. We went bravely deep in our discussions, learning, finding awareness and insight together and supporting each other. I recommend Nowena to experienced leaders, who are interested in developing both as a person and as a leader.

— Johanna Panula, Toimitusjohtaja, Novo Nordisk Oy (Finland)

“Before my participation in NOWENA group coaching I had a saying: “Good things happen to good people”. After NOWENA I had to revise my view and change the saying to: “Good people make good things happen”. NOWENA was the first step for me – or rather a giant leap – on my long journey towards better leadership. I could have not gotten a better guide for this journey. Nonna’s experience, toolkit, commitment and mots of all her amazing attitude and remodeling make her, without a doubt, the best leadership trainer, I have ever met. What changed during and after NOWENA? Several things: Team, my position in the organization and above all, my way of working and performing. Concrete results are visible in employee satisfaction results, where my personal leadership index increased 30% and the leadership index of my leadership team increased 12% in one year. NOWENA truly and inevitably impacts not only the leader participating, but also the people around you, both at work and in your private life. So if you want to develop as a leader, and you are ready to play full out and tackle the constraints preventing you from reaching your targets, NOWENA is the right step for you. There are no invincible obstacles, ones you learn to look close enough into the mirror.”

— Mikko Lampinen, Head of Public Custom Solutions, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“I am a fact-oriented engineer by nature and I have always been very sceptic about all “softy softy” trainings. Still this Nowena training exeeded my expectations clearly. We did not go through nice principles, but the most crucial things, that totally changes my own way of leading and living in general. I can recommend this to anyone, who really wants to start leading people instead of just reading about fancy leadership principles. In my life, these teachings have transformed into real actions.”

— Jussi Ahtikari, CTO, Virta Oy (Finland)

“During my NOWENA coaching I became more aware of my own behavior and energy level effect on my team, the significance of coaching approach in leadership, impact of presence and my own strengths as a leader. I believe this is beneficial already in the short term, but especially in the long term. For the people I lead, for myself and for the whole company.”

— Jyrki Vainionpää, COO, Vapo Oy (Finland)

“If you have been invited/accepted to be in the NOWENA group coaching, think before you decide to take the journey, are you really willing to commit and put your self in fully? The journey is “rough” , but will help you to grow as a person and as a leader. The basis is, that you have already lead different kinds of people on different organizational levels. You have also familiar with management and leadership theories and had the chance to test them in practice. You should also have a passion for learning. For me, NOWENA gave a toolset for handling leadership challenges and unleashing the potential in personnel. Now I know better how to seach and find the parth with different people, to implement the strategy. In this group I found peer support in dealing with acute leadership challenges and got an opportunity to build relationships with leaders in different positions. During this journey I got to know myself a lot better, I understood my strengths and learned to accept my weaknesses. I also got an opportunity to stop and think of a possible new direction for my professional and personal life. If you decide to start this journey, you will definitely not be disappointed.”

— Pekka Nevamaa, Senior Customer Executive, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“The NOWENA coaching lead by Nonna and the time invested, has enabled my own leadership reflection and self reflection in a really profound way. I am now even more ready for different leadership challenges and believe my team will achieve our targets more successfully than previously.”

— Petri Ketola, Country manager, Avanade Finland (Finland)

“NOWENA provides a excellent opportunity to learn to understand your own role in the “game”. The training creates a “game book” for the leader, where you have very good tools to read and guide the game, tools that leader needs to guide their teams to outstanding performance. Being group coached with colleagues from different business areas and levels in the organization, provided a great discussion forum, enabled experience sharing and excellent sparring. NOWENA helps you to understand others behavior, how you should react or respond and how your own behavior influences others. The down to earth approach help you to absorb and understand things fast. This NOWENA journey requires commitment and attendance, in order to get the full benefit and end results – the learning. Warmly recommend!”

— Kaj Dahlström, Head of HR operations Finland, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“Mahtawa opportunity to learn from different persons experience and knowledge. My own strengths and weaknesses were clarified and perceptions reaffirmed. I got practical tools for my leadership toolkit. The learning environment (premises, different way of covering the topics and methods) were brilliant. Home assignments supplemented the training really well. For the new NOWENA travelers: The more you give, the more you get!”

— Rauno Hammarberg, CSO, VR group (Finland)

“Dare to venture, take time to know yourself and trust the group to coach you. You will certainly find new strengths from within, that will carry you through out your whole life. I surely did! :)”

— Heli Partanen, Head of Consumer services, Telia Oyj (Finland)

“Along NOWENA coaching I am more in peace with myself. I recognize my own strengths and weaknesses clearer and am able to confider them in my leadership.”

— Jukka Iivonen, Toimitusjohtaja, TDC hosting Oy (Finland)

“NOWENA was a sanctuary on my lifelong journey of leadership. It was an opportunity to stop and look deeply into myself, my heart and into my soul. It was (and is) a fellowship where I opened my heart to the trusted people around me and where I gave and got support during the most intensive learning experience ever. I was carefully but firmly guided by our dedicated coach, Nonna, on my way of defining my dreams and finding out the core elements of my leadership. Being the most abstract topic to study, leadership has turned into the most practical changes in my personal life and in my work as a leader. Learnings and changes that will not fade away but will be within my heart for the rest of my journey.”

— Matti Vesala, Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment and Energy & Utilities Finland & Baltics, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“For me, personally and as a leader in Tieto, NOWENA was a wonderful experience, that made me realize that leadership, both self-leadership and leadership of an organization, is more complex than I had ever thought. Before participating in NOWENA group coaching, I had acted, more than 10 years, in several leadership positions, in global organizations. I believed I had seen a lot of different leadership; in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech republic, India, China etc. Nonna, with her rock solid professionalism, was able to bring totally new dimensions to leadership. It is now a lot easier to predict different behavior and lead more effectively. For me personally, this journey was mind expanding and at times also very emotional. NOWENA journey built confidence in my self belief and in my own leadership capabilities. Thank you Nonna!”

— Jari Pirkola, Head of Unified Communication & Collaboration, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“Global business economics revolves around increasingly faster. In order for the company to stay in the game, organization and practices need to constantly improve. This, is return requires a lot from company executives. You need to have the ability to lead network based organizations, continuously changing situations, new teams and personalities, often from multiple cultures. In order to succeed, a leader needs to have a strong self-leadership skills, find their own voice and have the courage to be openly yourself. Great leadership is created by combination of multiple skills. NOWENA answers this challenge, and provides leaders of today all the most important tools and understanding to be a amazing leader. NOWENA group coaching helped me in a little over a year to internalize knowledge and skills, that would have required approximately ten years to learn on the job. For me NOWENA was a “fast forward” journey!”

— Katarina Engblom, Vice President, Global Customer Executive, Avanade (Finland)

“NOWENA offered a untraditional and refreshing way of developing and thinking about own leadership. How leadership is visible in the organisation and how strongly my own personality effects in different situations. The brilliant thoughts, experience and discussions of my classmates were fruitful.”

— Aija Räikkönen, Laskutuspäällikkö, ISS palvelut Oy (Finland)

“NOWENA group coaching provides a opportunity for growth as a leader, with a peer group. You learn to know yourself both in others eyes and in your own eyes. NOWENA creates the leaders of the future, that are able to lift the organizational leadership quality into a whole new level and achieve goals in a whole new magnitude. NOWENA enable the growth of leaders, who find their way though personal growth, hard and soft values, continuous learning and humane approach. Thank you Nonna for fantastic journey!”

— Pasi Salonen, Head of Continuous Services, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“NOWENA was a unconventional, inspirational and interesting exploration journey on leadership and especially personal leadership development. The best part of the training was innovative content, personally challenging exercises and brilliant group of energetic leaders from different industries and different companies. In addition the year long period of monthly meetings were an excellent personal opportunity to pause in the middle of all hustle and reflect on self development and the continuous improvement of the leadership in the whole company.”

— Tuomas Qvick, Director, Halton Oy (Finland)

“Great leadership is needed, in order to achieve great results. During NOWENA you learn, in a very practical way, all relevant about great leadership. How to cope as a leader, how to motivate, how to cooperate with different type of people, what, among other thing, is good decision making and most importantly, what are the influences behind all these. During NOWENA journey you recognize what you want out of life and leadership and what are the things, that will get you to your destination and what is hindering you. My own presence, energy and quality of decision making changed on my journey. And at the same time I befriended with colleagues who contemplate same topics.”

— Ari Hirvonen, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Transformation Consulting, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“NOWENA has been a journey, where the balance of my life and the importance of wellbeing has clarified. Achieving consistent top results as a leader, can only be achieved though self-leadership.”

— Mika Häkkinen, Vice President, End User Services, Tieto Oyj (Finland)

“During the year long journey of Nowena, I become better aware of what affects my actions and thoughts. I nowadays recognise easier my own strengths and weaknesses, and am able to develop myself and utilize my strengths. The most important has been learning to understand how to “guide” my emotions, even though I do need to admit there is still work to do on this field. I also feel better balances and more satisfied with my life. Over all, amazing or even Mahtawa journey.”
— Mika Tuohimetsä, Customer Executive, Tieto Oyj (Finland)